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How many people have plastic surgery each year?

It’s true: Plastic surgery is a major financial investment. Surgery done for reasons other than reconstruction is not often covered by insurance, and many people have tightened their belts in recent years. So it may not be surprising that cosmetic procedures have experienced a dip in popularity in the past few years.

That isn’t the whole story, though. Non-surgical procedures such as Botox® and microdermabrasion actually rose in popularity from 2008 to 2009, and constitute a vast majority of the cosmetic procedures performed. Nearly ten million procedures ranging from the most routine chemical peel to extensive reconstructive surgeries were performed in America last year.

The numbers

Some key statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) March 2009 report on cosmetic procedures performed in the United States:

  • 9,993,711 total procedures were performed, down from 10,258,557 in 2008 and 11,701,031 in 2007.
  • Of those, 8,522,139 were non-surgical procedures. This is an increase from 8,491,861 in 2008.
  • There were 1,471,572 cosmetic surgeries in America in 2009. In 2008, there were 1,766,695.
  • Injections of botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox®, were the most popular procedures of all, with 2,557,068 performed.
  • 311,957 breast augmentations were done in America in 2009, making this the most popular cosmetic surgery. Lipoplasty was second, with 283,735. In 1997, the first year the society tracked this data, it was the most popular cosmetic surgery.
  • Seventy-seven percent of procedures were performed on Caucasian patients.

Men and cosmetic procedures

The ASPS also tracked cosmetic procedure patients along gender lines. Men do not opt for cosmetic surgery in the numbers that women do – nine procedures are performed on women for each one performed on a man – but the male patients’ ranks are growing. According to the survey summary, 8% more cosmetic procedures were done on men in 2009 than in 2008.

  • Lipoplasty was the most popular surgical procedure among men, with 40,519.
  • Rhinoplasty was next, with 32,661. Then came:
  • Eyelid surgery with 25,004,
  • Male breast reduction with 16,801,
  • Hair transplantation, with 13,054 procedures performed. 

Not all Americans are getting plastic surgery – 37 percent of women and 19 percent of men said they would consider it – but in general, a majority of all Americans approve of the practice, the survey found.

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