Website: Coffee mugs and stainless steel travel mugs are turning out brown. And it’s a shiny rectangle in the shape of your heat press. Here is a short list of my favorites. What is happening is your fabric is “scorching”. Teens tend to like the faded look for their designs as well. If it looks faded, you could be printing on the wrong side of the sublimation paper. I have an Epson R300 printer and a sublimation inks feeding into it through a bulk feeding system. If you print on the wrong side of the paper your image will appear faded. The bulk feed system used to have … what type of paper do i have to have that the back round wont show up? The sheen that is created is telling you that the temperature you’re using is too hot for the fabric. If you meet more problems, welcome to share with us, and we can find out the solutions together. I actually prefer the faded look for fall. E-mail: 4. I have printed some pictures onto sublimation paper and then heat pressed them onto some 100% polyester material. To do this, simply print the color palette that is used by your sublimation printer driver (it includes the RGB codes). Even though the print looks pale and faded, the final print has superb vibrant color. The print comes through but it doesnt look very vibrant. The sublimation products, easy to fade in the sun 's ultraviolet radiation, has nothing to do with the sublimation paper, and ink, the ink is not inferior to add what anti UV agents, will soon fade duration, quality is long, but long-term exposure in the sun, fade faster. How can i improve the vibrancy/clarity of the image? I’m actually getting ready to make some tri-blend raglan (baseball sleeves) shirts with a fall design. Then press it onto a reference substrate such as a coated metal panel. I've reduced temp and shortened time by 15 seconds. Common domestic T-shirt sublimation method: It looks a little faded. Any suggestions on how to tweak my settings on epson 2720, when I press shirts or make stickers the colors look faded. To be sure, when I do get to the end, I won’t be worrying whether that statement rings true or not. Many customers have heard me say this about sublimation, “It takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.” Now, I cannot be 100% sure that it takes a lifetime to master because I’ve not yet reached the end of my life, thankfully. The paper must thoroughly absorb the inks. Have it set for premium presentation paper matte, custom color set to ICM, high speed off using seogol sublimation ink and print and cutting from cricut design space. I've read that "over pressing" will cause this. Instead of the fabric changing colors, your fabric looks shiny. i would like to get my business off the ground but i cant figure this out…. But if I try it on a phone case it looks perfect. Does over pressing mean too … There are other causes, but based on your description, the two I have mentioned are probably the most likely causes. Whatsapp: +86 18105155024   Follow us:  It always surprises people seeing it for the first time. In this video we look at the possible problems you can get with a mug press producing faded edges. Most papers have a watermark to designate which side to print on but for those that don't you want to print on the bright white side of the paper. Blurry or grainy images is just one of the problems in sublimation printing. Sublimation papers are matte and highly absorbent. i have sublimation ink and printer and i am having the same problem. Or the pressure isn’t enough. What are the best shirts to order for sublimation? Sublimation paper has a coated side which is the side that you print to. We are using special sublimation paper and sublimation inks. Everything I do in my press looks great (license plates, keychains, shirts, etc). This becomes a visual representation of what the colors will look like in their final form.

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